Ukraine sabotaged the evacuation of locals in Debaltsevo

 refugeesA convoy of buses returned empty from this hot spot

Original article in Russian by A. Kots and D. Steshin
Translated by Alya Bailey / Edited by Alan Bailey

“Nobody wants to go to the Donetsk People’s Republic!” internet warriors—both volunteers and paid ones—are gloating. The Ukrainian authorities conducted a massive propaganda campaign in the ATO area directed against helpless ordinary people. Let us remind you that the day before Kiev suggested having a day long ceasefire in the Debaltsevo area in order to evacuate the civilians from the battle area. The Ukrainian side confirmed that the refugees would be able to choose where to go—either Donetsk or Slavyansk.

Early in the morning a convoy of buses left Donetsk for Debaltsevo. Two OSCE cars accompanied it. We waited for its return to the town of Uglegorsk which is controlled by the Militia.

On Friday it was unusually quiet there although…

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