Stolen Childhood and a Dream about Peace

Читать на русском: Украденное детство и мечты о мире


War is one of the gravest ordeals, which makes human beings change a lot: some people reveal their strong character, others turn out to be weaker, and children just immediately become grown-ups.

Footage by Olga Luzanova
Article edited by @GBabeuf

Seven-year-old Maxim is my neighbour. He had to take refuge in a basement together with his family in the village of Vergulyovka, near Debaltsevo, where they were living last summer when the Ukrainian Army came and took the town. I have known Maxim’s mother since I was a child—her name is Olga too. We grew up in the same neighbourhood. She told me that the windows and the roof of their house in Vergulyovka had been damaged. They are currently living at their grandmother’s place in their home town near Perevalsk. Olga is pregnant now, she is expecting in April. I…

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Crimea. The Way Back Home. / Subtitled in English by V.P.E.

vpe-baner-for-twitterPreamble: We extend our enormous gratitude to the team at Vox Populi Evo (“V.P.E.”) that produced this excellent translation of the documentary. It is a testament to their spirit and dedication that they were able to prepare and publish this production faster than the official version.

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Crimea. The Way Back Home / Subtitled in English by V.P.E.

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Letter From Oppressed Spain

The Barricade

This letter was sent to me by a friend in Spain who has opted to remain anonymous for reasons of privacy and personal safety. It details the level of repression and brutality being employed by police and increasingly far-right groups in the country. I have only edited basic spelling errors, the rest is untouched:

One of the cases that caused me the most terrible impression was that of two young Basque men: Lasa and Zabala. They were abducted by the police (The GAL) and tortured. They did not have any proof that pointed to them being members of ETA (a pro-Basque independence terrorist group); even more: once the police was sure they had nothing to do with ETA, they killed them and buried in the middle of the forest. That happened in 1983.

Little has changed since then.

Today, police exercises brutality whenever they see fit. They beat down people…

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