The Barricade

This short speech given at the Chicago council on Global Affairs explains very succinctly the American plans for the destruction of Europe, chiefly Russia. George Friedman openly talks of a ‘spoiling war’ similar to Japan and Vietnam, a reference to the destruction of all aspects of society in those countries.

Friedman also proclaims American exceptionalism with the statement “we can invade everybody, nobody can invade us” as well as the need to be more honest about the “American Empire”.

Most disturbing is his admiration of Ronald Reagan “funding both sides in the Iraq-Iran war”, and suggesting that America does the same within Europe, namely between Germany and Russia. For Friedman and the United States, Russia needs to be totally contained by NATO expansion and US-forward-based troops.

Friedman’s great desire is to understand what position Germany will take, because as he puts it “Europe does not exist anymore”, all that remains…

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