The Truth Speaker

By Graham Phillips 

On the new style of journalism – it takes elements of the original Gonzo, adapts for purpose –

1. You don’t need to belong to any journalistic organisations, have any accreditation, or even have studied journalism – but you can if you like. You do need to know what you’re doing. If starting without the above, shadow a more experienced colleague, refine your own style.

2.You do need your own style – this only comes from time in the field, so get out there.

3.You don’t follow the position of any government, media, propaganda – you report the facts as they are. To do that, you do .4 –

FUPzfC14269724204. You get to the place the news happens. Film your own footage, take your own photos, speak to witnesses, tweet from the scene, record as much as you can from the scene. You don’t defer…

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