The Truth Speaker

Russian tankThere’s a clear intended meaning when one casts out that there are ‘Russian tanks’ on the side of Novorossiya Forces. And it isn’t that it’s a ‘Russian tank’, which in any case it almost certainly is, the vast majority of Ukraine’s 2500+ tanks built in Soviet times as Ukraine’s tank building production collapsed post 1991 independence (Kharkov’s Malyshev factory which produced 800 a year in Soviet times, down to fewer than 10 a year in Ukrainian). Pictured here, a 1989 T72 from a Russian war museum.

What you are saying is that ‘Russia has sent tanks over the border, into Donbass, arming Novorossiya fighters’. It’s a hugely incendiary statement, one to incite yet further US / EU intervention in Ukraine, one to further provoke war.

UkrainetankfailSo it’s a statement which should only be made if there is firm evidence to support it. Yet it’s a statement made all the…

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