The Truth Speaker

By Graham Phillips

Facebook was a big part of this, but after yet another pro-Ukraine campaign, my main Facebook account has been suspended for the 5th time, this time for a month.

In that time, you can friend me on Facebook here, my backup account.

The page for the Donbass Event, in London on April 2nd is here.

6YBvLJ1427202928The venue is near Finsbury Park tube station, starting 6.45pm.

Auctionmy 20 best photos, as selected by you, up for auction to raise funds for Donbass – the town of Pervomaisk, with living conditions there truly desperate, hospitals in Donetsk.

Pervomaisk here –

There will be Catering – kindly arranged by a kind firm, provided for free.

Entertainment – looking like we’re going to have some special singing put on, as well as an MC!

An open mic – for you to get up on stage to say…

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