The Truth Speaker

By Graham Phillips

Remember the neo-Nazis of Ukraine, they were everywhere. Sky warned – Euro 2012: Neo-Nazi Threat To England Fans –

Fullscreen capture 28032015 171033.bmp

The Mail made it sound like England fans were walking into an actual ambush – Nazi mob lies in wait for England fans

Fullscreen capture 28032015 175757.bmpEven broadsheets got in on the neo-Nazi action, the Telegraph noting – ‘Monday night’s BBC documentary showed widespread monkey chanting at games, routine Fullscreen capture 28032015 190100.bmpNazi saluting, violent attacks on Asian spectators at a match in Ukraine‘ – that referencing the BBC documentary so shocking it had former England footballer Sol Campbell fearing that England fans who made the trip to Euro 2012 could end up ‘coming home in a coffin‘.

3 years later, there’s an actual war being waged in the former part of Ukraine, Donbass, with many of Ukraine’s forces unashamedly drawn from the very neo-Nazi groups of Ukraine’s west so pilloried by the…

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