DPR: Map discovered with positions of Ukrainian BUKs on day of MH17 crash (updated)




Detail of the Ukrainian military map captured by the DPR militia referred to in the report below. (DAN news)


The authorities of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic [DPR] announced the discovery of a map with the positions of Ukrainian “BUKs” on the day of the crash near Donetsk of a Malaysian Boeing. This was reported by the Donetsk news agency.

The statement was made by the Deputy Commander of the DPR Defense Ministry Edward Basurin.

“Yesterday you [journalists] were shown commanders’ maps obtained from captured soldiers of Ukrainian units. Although all the documents have merit in one degree or another, one stands out particularly. This is a working map of the commander of the 1st Battalion of the 95th separate airmobile brigade, dating back to the beginning of July of last year” – said Basurin. “The most notable marks on the map are the starting…

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Extremist OUN posts evidence of massive Ukrainian army losses in Debaltsevo



Destroyed Ukrainian APC in the Debaltsevo cauldron (Babay ‏@Truth_Seeker_11)

The Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists published photographic evidence of the massive losses of the Ukrainian army in the Debaltsevo cauldron. This information is contrary to the statements by Kiev that there was no “cauldron” and losses were minimal. In turn, the Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers of Ukraine has accused the government of deliberately concealing the real number of those killed in Debaltsevo.

The Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) on Wednesday (April 29) published photographs of the bodies of dozens of fighters of the National Guard [broken link] (18+) who died during the events in the Debaltsevo cauldron. It proved to be radical photographic evidence of what happened to the Ukrainian military surrounded by the militia of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics. More than 200 photographs were published. After a while, the site became unavailable.


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War-Crazed Western Propaganda Machine Rages at Its Growing Insignificance



by Joyce Nelson at CounterPunch

via Russia Insider

In mid-April, hundreds of U.S. paratroopers from the 173rd Airborne Brigade arrived in western Ukraine to provide training for government troops. The UK had already started its troop-training mission there, sending 75 troops to Kiev in March. On April 14, the Canadian government announced that Canada will send 200 soldiers to Kiev, contributing to a military build-up on Russia’s doorstep while a fragile truce is in place in eastern Ukraine.

The Russian Embassy in Ottawa called the decision “counterproductive and deplorable,” stating that the foreign ministers of France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine have “called for enhanced intra-Ukrainian political dialogue,” as agreed upon in the Minsk-2 accords in February, and that it would be “much more reasonable to concentrate on diplomacy…”

That viewpoint is shared by many, especially in Europe where few are eager for a “hot” war in the region. Nor are…

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Canada Represents a Reservoir of Support for Ukrainian Neo-Nazis


Canada is the leading state sponsor of neo-Nazi armed terrorist units fighting in eastern Ukraine. Canadian support for the most right-wing elements, including neo-Nazis, in Ukraine would never have been possible had it not been for the concrete support provided by the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS) and its Central Intelligence Agency masters since the Cold War era to neo-fascist organizations within the Ukrainian-Canadian diaspora community. It is a community that numbers 1.2 million and which has tremendous political clout in the Canadian Parliament and various provincial legislatures.

So writes Wayne Madsen of Strategic Culture Organization. As he points out, in a gesture parallel to the notorious Operation Paperclip, in which the U.S. airlifted hundreds of top Nazi scientific and intelligence personnel from Germany, giving them shelter in the the United States, at the end of World War II, Canada had opened its doors to Ukrainian Nazi collaborators…

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Poland Backs Away From Dialogue After the Ukraine Glorifies Nazi Collaborators

Voices from Russia

00 poland anti-ukrainian demonstration. 25.04.15


Polish President Bronisław Maria Komorowski ruled out any further “historic dialogue” with the Ukraine following its glorification of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) as fighters for independence. Komorowski condemned the Ukrainian Rada’s recent recognition of the UPA as fighters for independence, telling TVN24 news channel, “There could be no reconciliation between Poland and the Ukraine without a dialogue. We have a lot of work ahead in [setting] our relations with the Ukraine”. President Komorowski noted that the misfortune of the recently adopted law is that it prevents any further historic dialogue between the two countries. However, he added that communication between the two countries isn’t over, and that both sides should search for a positive solution to the existing tension in relations.

On 9 April, the Rada passed a “Law on the Status and Memory of the Participants in the Struggle for Independence in the 20th Century”, recognising ultranationalist groups like the UPA and Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) as freedom fighters. The above term also includes anyone who fought for Ukraine’s…

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EU Wages War Against Russian News Agencies



Sputnik International writes:

[…] why does the EU feel so uncomfortable that Europeans have started to read alternative sources of information? Isn’t it a good thing that people have an opportunity to read various news outlets, gather different available information and come to their own conclusions regarding current events? After all, this is what true of freedom of speech and information looks like.

A few months ago millions of Europeans marched the streets, holding signs which read “Je suis Charlie,” fighting for their right to freedom of speech and information, but today their elites feel threatened by the presence of Russian media, calling it “Russian information onslaught.”

As alternative media sources start reaching out to the masses, there seems to be a fear among EU elites that they could destroy perfectly concealed and fabricated truths, shattering the so-called manufactured consent.

At the same time, in Russia, a country that is…

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Libertarians’ Civil War Over Ukraine



by Eric Zuesse

On the one hand, Andrei Illarionov of the Koch Brothers’ libertarian Cato Institute says that the first among “the crimes that have been committed or are being committed by the Kremlin — stealing Crimea” can be rectified only by rejecting “Russia’s aggression in Crimea,” which means to replace the current Russian government by “a free democratic state with the rule of law”: i.e., overthrowing it in order to establish that very thing, “a free democratic state with the rule of law.” He says that, “The issue of Crimea’s jurisdiction is within the competence of only one subject of international law — the owner of that territory, namely Ukraine. Only this subject, and no one else, has necessary legal rights to change this territory’s jurisdiction.” And, since Ukraine did not sell Crimea to Russia, Russia “stole” it from Ukraine. He sees the issue of Crimea as being…

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