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Translated by Irena Raicevic / Edited by @GBabeuf


Buzina’s last interview: My position is inconvenient to the current government

Only two days ago, on Monday, April 13, journalist and writer Oles Buzina, gave an interview to Radio Vesti.

Regarding his departure from ‘Segodnya’ [Ukrainian newspaper –ed.]: “I left for a very simple reason. I had no interest in being a scapegoat… I had requested to be relieved of managerial responsibility for the website version of Segodnya. Why should I have to take responsibility for Sveta Panyushkina’s sins? Material was being penned whose publication I did not agree with. This material was coming ‘from above’. Above me was the general director, Potapov. I told him—I will not publish this material. “No, you have to publish it,” he said. It was then that I told him I was resigning.”

Regarding the film director, Oleg Sentsov

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