Canada’s Ukrainian Obsession

CanadaCanadian Defence Minister, Jason Kenney, announcing that Canadian troops will be sent to Ukraine. / by Adrian Wyld, The Canadian Press

Preamble: On the heels of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra’s fiasco in attempting to silence the music of a brilliant pianist Valentina Lisitsa for her outspoken position on the war in Ukraine, Lysiane Gagnon, a renowned Canadian journalist and a long-standing correspondent of the Montreal publication La Presse and the Globe and Mail, tackles yet another serious issue for Canada—whether or not to put boots on the ground in Ukraine. For Ms Gagnon, the answer is clear: “Stephen Harper’s Ukrainian obsession is a dangerous little game.” She concludes that it is Harper, not Putin who must get out of Ukraine. In Montreal, one of the centres of Western Ukrainian diaspora in Canada, this position is a bold one, notwithstanding the Québecers’ long-standing dissatisfaction with the Canadian Prime Minister. Do Ms Gagnon’s forthright condemnation of Canada’s meddling in Ukraine and the…

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American Troops Have Arrived To Fuel The Fire Of War In Ukraine

The Barricade

Imagine, if you will, the outrage of America if Russian troops were to arrive in Mexico with the intention of training Mexican troops. Adding to the outrage would be the statement by President Putin that this training would be done in order to protect Mexico’s sovereignty from American aggression, and to eventually retake Texas.

Now take a look at what is happening in Ukraine.

What leader in their right mind would not be angered by and wary of the US troops who have arrived (on Hitler’s birthday no less!) to train the Ukrainian army, an army that contains openly far right and fascist battalions. Putin and Sergei Lavrov spent countless hours brokering the Minsk I & Minsk II agreements with their European and American ‘partners’, only to have the west send troops to the war zone in a time of supposed ceasefire. If one were to think of anything that would…

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