Voices from Russia

00 gazprom ukie locksmith. russia. ukraine. 24.04.15


Gazprom fired Moscow locksmith Grigori Krasnik after REN TV journalist Valentin Trushnin turned him over to the cops. The reporter posted on Facebook that he noticed the logo of the Azov Battalion in Krasnik’s wallet, so, he decided to report him into the police. Trushin, who had recently returned from Novorossiya, wrote, “I caught a live Banderovets*! Where do you think that I did so? Right here at home! Standing right in front of me in the queue at the shop, wearing Gazpom overalls, buying a “one-and-a-half”* of beer. I noted that he had an Azov Battalion logo in his wallet. I accosted him outside, and I asked him, ‘Are you a follower of the Azov Battalion?’ The guy cocked an attitude at me, saying, ‘Yeah, I’m a follower, so what?’ I let him know, ‘Nothing… but understand that I’m turning you over to the cops’……

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