Mozgovoy: “The Oligarchs remain our principal enemy”

Original: LIVA
Translated by Gleb Bazov / Edited by @GBabeuf
Photo credits: LIVA


FROM THE EDITOR (LIVA): This is one of the last interviews given by Aleksey Mozgovoy—the commander of the Prizrak Brigade, who openly asserted that the residents of the Donbass and of Ukraine should act together to end the rule of the “super-rich” capitalists on both sides of the front line. On May 9, 2015, immediately following the festivities in the centre of Alchevsk, he went to one of the districts in this working-class town—to a children’s playground, which his fighters were helping to rebuild. Ukrainian politicians usually turn events like this into PR opportunities. There were, however, no cameras of local journalists or idle gawkers at this playground. Laying aside their firearms, Mozgovoy and fighters from his unit, joined by several communists from Greece and Italy, worked together with shovels and crowbars, installing swings and slides…

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Spetsnaz’s First World War

Global Geopolitics

Train wrecks, random oil spills, bird flu outbreaks and other pestilence seeping into America today…

As a reader, you should do yourself a favor by reading this (full version at the source) and asking yourself how much of this looks eerily familiar today and what in the near-term can potentially happen. There just might be a further underlying cause and it isn’t random.

It’s long, but very much worth your time and is highly encouraged.

The entire book is also worth your read and is crucial to understanding this chapter presented. All this is written by Viktor Suvorov, a Soviet Army Cold War-era Soviet military intelligence officer who defected to the United Kingdom.

I was standing on the top of an enormous skyscraper in New York when I saw King Kong. The huge gorilla surveyed Manhattan triumphantly from a dizzy height. Of course I knew it wasn’t real. But there…

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EU military chiefs preparing to fight Isis over Mediterranean migrant crisis, according to new WikiLeaks documents

Global Geopolitics

The EU Army in stealth mode, in the beginning stages:

The EU is preparing for a military conflict with Isis as part of a year-long campaign on the north African coast to tackle the Mediterranean migrant crisis, according to secret documents allegedly leaked to the WikiLeaks organisation.

In a draft outline of the plan for military intervention in Libya reportedly approved by representatives from all 28 member states on 18 May, officials expressed a number of major concerns about the operation.

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