Aleksey Borisovich Mozgovoy — “It is a gift to die in May…”


It is a gift to die in May…

Aleksey Borisovich Mozgovoy

It is a gift to die in May—An easy task to dig a grave,

And nightingales will sing their song

Inimitably, like their last.

In May, the thunder of storms supplants

A funerals’ dismal songs and sounds,

And rain that comes instead of tears

Dissolves the memories’ regret.

The shelt’ring barrow of the grave

Beneath the emerald of grass;

A cross is a redundant mark

Among a grove of weary birch.

Beneath the rustling newborn leaves,

With irrepresible thirst for life,

The sun has yet to burn the grass,

And every thing is animate.

It is a gift to die in May,

To stay behind in vernal dew.

And though I could not do it all,

There are no doubts where none remain…

It is a gift, to die in May…

Не плохо в мае умереть,Могильщику копать удобно.

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While Revolutionaries Can Be Murdered, You Cannot Kill Ideas.


It is war that is the greatest injustice. We are not fighting the ones responsible. Those who finance, who stir it up, who through the media set one people against another—it is them whom we must fight.

— Aleksey Borisovich Mozgovoy

By Boris Rozhin / Colonel Cassad
Translated from Russian by Gleb Bazov (Subject to Editing)

I first learned of the existence of this man in April 2014, when he began appearing on the TV screens as one of the leaders of the uprising in Lugansk. Very quickly two centres of power emerged in Lugansk—the groups of Bolotov and Mozgovoy, who had systemic disagreements. Starting approximately in April, having completed our humanitarian programme for Sevastopol, and having received a letter of thanks from Aleksey Chaly, we started reorienting our work toward the Donbass. Very quickly it became apparent that we would have to choose who to work with—Bolotov or Mozgovoy…

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