“We Can’t Stay Deaf To The Pleas Of The People” – Novorossiya Without Mozgovoy

The Barricade


Alexei Mozgovoy was a leader of principle and of the people.  He fought against the domination of Novorussians and all of Ukraine by the corrupt oligarchy and their puppet warlords. He advocated and fought for a society with universal education and healthcare. Like his forebears he chose to stand against fascism and defend the land of his people.

His death at the hands of those who oppose the people’s freedom was as much a shock as it was a impending catastrophe for the leadership of a free Novorossiya. With this cruel act of murder arises the question much more important than who did this, but rather how the people will react. The future of Novorossiya is now up in the air as oligarchs and puppets on both sides look to take advantage of this situation. In Mozgovoy’s own words, the way forward is torn between fear and revolutionary progress:


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