New protest at Kiev US embassy dispersed by Right Sector



Antiimperialistische Aktion reports (with more pictures and videos):

Today [Wednesday June 3] in Ukraine: United States Embassy in Kiev guarded by Right Sector

Today at 12:00, 1,000 protesters gathered at the Embassy of the United States to demand an end to inciting war in Donbass and killing people!

– United States — shame!
– No U.S. weapons to Ukraine!
– United States kills Donbass!

People chanted “shame!” and demanded the truth about the real reasons the United States unleashed carnage and genocide of civilians in Donbass.

When the protesters tried to gather en masse at the Embassy entrance, blocking the road, police and mobs in camouflage drove the protesters away. Three were detained. The men in camouflage presented themselves as Right Sector and began to threaten the rest of the protesters. First they demanded names, address of residence and household composition, and threatened people with punishment if this rally…

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Military Analysis: Ukraine Poised to Attack the Donbass

Sokol Artillery attack by Ukrainian force on June 3, 2015—Sokol Market, Tekstilshiki District, Donetsk, DPR (photo by Graham W. Phillips)

Preamble: The following analysis was provided to us by an individual with intimate understanding of the conflict, whose insight is derived from detailed data of troop movements collected in May 2015. In view of the sharp escalation of the conflict in the Donbass on June 2-4, 2015, we are now publishing this information, unabridged. Our hope is that the Ukrainian assault projected in the analysis below can be averted, or, at the very least, repulsed and mitigated. Please note that the images below can be clicked to zoom for easier reading.

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