Original: RussEurope / Jacques Sapir
Translated by @GBabeuf / Edited by Gleb Bazov

Ukraine: what remains of Minsk?

The situation in Ukraine and in insurgent areas of the Donbass is steadily deteriorating. This is proved by the clashes of the last few days, which, though limited, have certainly been the most violent since January 2015. The “Minsk 2” agreements are in a process of dissolution, and this largely due to the Kiev government. This was predictable. We must therefore review the situation in order to attempt to understand how we got here.

Ceasefire breaches

The ceasefire imposed as a result of the Minsk 2 agreement has never been fully respected. OSCE observers insist on the fact that these violations are, most often, the fault of Kiev’s forces. The bombardments have, since the end of May, become steadily heavier, provoking the insurgent “counter-offensive” on Mariinka. But, after having taken control of…

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