Interview with French Volunteers

Original video published by Pravda DNR
Transcript translated by Linda Kadd / Edited by Gleb Bazov
Photo credits: Transterra MediafrenchVolunteers1

Preamble: Journalists from Pravda DNR conducted this interview with French Volunteers Erwan Castel and Tonio de Pedro. This is the complete unedited transcript of the interview.

EC: Good morning! I am Erwan Castel. I am a French volunteer in Novorossiya.

TP: Tonio De Pedro, a French volunteer in the Donbass.

Q: What brought you to this war?

EC: A strong belief that what happened in Ukraine last year is, in fact, a historical clash that concerns all Europeans. Since the end of the Soviet Union, we have seen an evolving American strategy that aims at encircling Russia once more. And, in parallel to this strategy, there is also, on the part of what is usually referred to as the “New World Order,” a systematic enslavement of the other European countries. So I followed this…

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