Sputnik International reports:

On Tuesday, Ukrainian hacker collective CyberBerkut published excerpts from a report by Ukraine’s Southern Region Military Prosecutor Pavel Bogutsky, detailing the criminal activity of Kiev-allied volunteer battalions in eastern Ukraine, as well as that of units of the Armed Forces and the Security Service.

“We have obtained official documents confirming that the so-called volunteer battalions are completely outside Kiev’s control,” CyberBerkut notes in its introduction to the documents. “Factually, they have turned into organized crime groups, robbing and killing their own people. In the course of their punitive operations, they have become so accustomed to impunity and all-permissiveness that they feel themselves to be above the law and outside [any] moral code,” the hackers add.

CyberkutBattalionsThe fighting groups in question include Aidar, Donbass, Chernihiv, Luhansk-1, Kiev-12 and other volunteer battalions, most of them under the formal command of Ukraine’s National Guard. Bogutsky’s report, which 80 pages in length, shows that over the past months, the battalions in the area of the Lugansk Region under Ukrainian…

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