Tyres were burned on Grushevskogo street in central Kiev today, to shouts of “Revolution”. (Photo: Natalia Starokoshko)

Antifashist reports:

In Kiev, at the ill-fated Independence [Maidan] Square, insurgents  carried out a march of ultranationalist battalions. The mercenaries want official recognition of the fact of war in Ukraine and globally [against Russia], as well as that an immediate offensive is launched to rout the enemy and thus end the war in the Donbass.

The core of the march was made up by militants of “Right Sector”. In the column were also visible symbols of the destroyer battalions “Donbass”, “Tornado” and “Aydar”. Representatives of the battalion “Azov”, despite the announced participation in the action, were not seen among the protesters.

According to Ukrainian media, the action was attended by about 5000 people.

The protest required the authorities to recognize the “ATO” [Anti Terrorist Operation] as a war, that…

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