Whitewashing Bandera for a US Audience


Original article: Washington’s Blog
Author: George Eliason / Edited by @GBabeuf


In an article published at the New Atlanticist, Political Science Professor Alexander Motyl of Rutgers University wrote the strongest justification a Ukrainian nationalist scholar can mount in defence of the Ukraine’s love affair with the nationalism of Stepan Bandera.

Bandera—a mass murderer, torturer, and assassinated former leader of Ukraine’s ultra-nationalist émigré political movement—is the Ukrainian equivalent to George Washington or Thomas Jefferson, according to A. Motyl’s thesis.

According to Motyl, because of the affinity the Ukrainian nationalists have with Washington and Jefferson, raising Bandera to their level as a father of the nation is nothing the West should “freak out over.”

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America’s Dark History of Supporting Ukrainian Fascists and War Criminals


Author Andrey Panevin / Edited by @GBabeuf


The American support of contemporary Ukrainian fascism albeit shocking is in fact not a new political phenomenon. Documents declassified by the CIA under a FOIA request entitled The NAZI War Crimes Declassification Actshow that not only was the CIA monitoring Ukrainian fascist groups during and after WWII, it was also actively aiding them and protecting them from prosecution. These and other documents can be found in the CIA’s Freedom of Information Act Electronic Reading RoomThe following documents are but a few of the many that pertain to America’s protection of war criminals the world over.

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