Donetsk Lugansk News Sep 2-5 2015

Novorossiya Daily Sun

Thursday September 3, 2015
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Igor Strelkov Igor Strelkov

Strelkov: UAF will attack when Putin is in New York / Translated by Kristina Rus / Fort Russ (from rusvesna) / September 3, 2015 / Strelkov: urgent about the military situation — UAF is almost finished concentrating the forces to attack. Ex-defense Minister of Donetsk People’s Republic Igor Strelkov gave a brief forecast of the military situation on the basis of personal analysis of available data. Currently Ukrainian army is almost finished concentrating forces for the planned offensive. At the sites selected for the direction of the main strike (to the south of Donetsk), their superiority over the opposing units of NAF is estimated as 5-fold. Hidden behind a deeply layered system of defence, UAF formation has a distinct offensive configuration. At the front, exploration of the positions of LDPR [DPR/LPR] army is actively underway. Moreover, it is conducted by…

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