Original: Colonel Cassad
Translated by Alya & Alan Bailey / Edited by @GBabeuf

Poroshenko, having previously said that there would be no special conditions for Russia in the repayment of debts, announced three scenarios on the Donbass according to the Junta.

The first—a decisive military offensive, the liberation of the territories and a march on Moscow. Who among us is suggesting this? Just take a look at the consequences of such adventurous and irresponsible liberations. And the people do not support this position.

The second position—build a wall, give up part of the territory, live without the Donbass,” he said, noting that, “as the head of state, he has no intention to give away even a single piece of Ukrainian land.”

The third option, according to the President, is “the restoration of Ukrainian sovereignty and Ukrainian authorities in that territory.” “This path is called—Minsk agreements,” Poroshenko specified.

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