Flag of ‘The Ukraine’

The Ukraine 7

President of ‘The Ukraine’ Petro Poroshenko has banned two journalists from the UK government owned BBC from entering ‘The Ukraine’ ahead of hotly contested local elections.

To the shock of many two BBC employees Emma Wells a bureau producer based in Moscow and Moscow Correspondent for BBC News Steve Rosenberg were accused of supporting terrorism and separatism by using the banned term ‘The Ukraine’ instead the officially approved term ‘Ukraine’.
The Ukraine 4

The Guardian reported that;

President Petro Poroshenko has banned two BBC correspondents from Ukraine along with many Russian journalists and public figures.

The long-serving BBC Moscow correspondent Steve Rosenberg and producer Emma Wells have been barred from entering the country, according to a list published on the presidential website on Wednesday. The decree says those listed were banned for one year for being a “threat to national interests” or promoting “terrorist activities”.

Here is an example…

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