Independent journalist: A chaotic war of all against all is the main danger in Ukraine


Communist lawmakers scuffle with right-wing Svoboda ( Freedom) Party lawmakers during a parliament session of Verkhovna Rada, the Ukrainian parliament, in Kiev, Ukraine Tuesday, April 8, 2014. (AP Photo/Vladimir Strumkovsky)
A scuffle in the Ukrainian Parliament. Photo Vladimir Strumkovsky / AP

Sergey Sakadynsky (pictured below), a social activist and independent journalist from Lugansk who now lives in Kiev, is interviewed by the Lugansk Information Center:

[…] How do you appraise the current political situation in Ukraine?

It just so happens that each new Ukrainian government claims more than the previous one. The activities of Yanukovich and his entourage, of course, were one of the reasons for the Maidan and all subsequent events. However, Yanukovich came to this after a few years. Poroshenko has managed to alienate his former supporters in just a year. Today, the country has no confidence in the current government and no one trusts those who claim to be the opposition. There is a serious political crisis even more profound than the one in 2013.

Could another parliamentary crisis lead to a reshuffling of authorities?

SakadynskyA reshuffle…

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