The Fourth Revolutionary War

As the center of the global conflict is now clearly moving to Syria, the focus of this blog will move as well. Barring new plots and provocations from NATO, I think that the Ukraine conflict is frozen. The war was over on a military level after the glorious winter surprise offensive, and with the waves of refugees from NATO’s wars threatening to topple European governments, Europe’s stomach for Humanitarian Adventurism is gone, and with it the political alliance behind the war in Ukraine.

(We will of course cover the bloody collapse of the Kiev Junta’s police state, and the metastasizing terrorist threat from the demobilizing neo-Nazi militias as NATO’s chickens come home to roost.)

The burning question is what does this new Russian deployment in Syria actually mean?

Russia has a long-standing alliance with Syria that goes back to the cold war. Syria’s military and intelligence officers were trained in…

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