U.S. to Station New Nuclear Weapons in Germany Against Russia


by Eric Zuesse

Germany’s ZDF public television network headlines on Tuesday September 22nd, “New U.S. Atomic Weapons to Be Stationed in Germany,” and reports that the U.S. will bring into Germany 20 new nuclear bombs, each being four times the destructive power of the one that was used on Hiroshima. Hans Kristensen, the Director of the Nuclear Information Project at the Federation of American Scientists, says, “With the new bombs the boundaries blur between tactical and strategic nuclear weapons.”

A former Parliamentary State Secretary in Germany’s Defense Ministry, Willy Wimmer, of Chancellor Merkel’s own conservative party, the Christian Democratic Union, warns that these “new attack options against Russia” constitute “a conscious provocation of our Russian neighbors.”

German Economic News also reports on Chancellor Merkel’s decision to allow these terror-weapons against Russia: “The Bundestag decided in 2009, expressing the will of most Germans, that the US should withdraw its nuclear weapons from Germany. But German Chancellor Angela Merkel…

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Guardian on Russia: None of the news that’s fit to print



The Guardian’s coverage of Russia is, famously, rather petty these days. Petty and confusing and full of conflicting assertions from various people with differing sizes of axe to grind. On the one hand you have Luke Harding interviewing “entrepreneurial” oligarchs and believing every self-serving lie that comes out of their mouth, and on the other you have decreasing poverty statistics portrayed as (somehow) “a bad thing”.

And then you have this kind of thing. A non-story, writ large on the front page. Without merit, or analysis, or even sources (save the Guardian itself, you gotta love the way they do that).

Nobody really cares – save the half dozen lost souls who patrol BTL on Russia stories making jokes about vodka and polonium. But God fordbid you try and draw attention to the actual news, about Russia, Ukraine and the developments in the chaos out there. As…

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“They have a cave troll…”


In the ongoing war for human consciousness that is the Guardian’s CiF, accusations of state-sponsored trolldom and of multiple identities operated by a single individual are the currency of debate. In fairness it must be said both sides indulge, though the majority of such accusations do stem predominantly from one side – viz those who like to claim that anyone expressing doubts about western/NATO policies must be in the pay of the Kremlin. And indeed this more than slightly paranoid POV seems to be shared by the Guardian moderators themselves.

Enjoy the delicious irony then, in the fact one of the few pieces of hard evidence showing just such multiple IDs in operation belongs to two accounts run by avidly, if not aggressively, pro-western identities.

Mark Nesop, of the wonderful Kremlin Stooge blog sent us some caps of a recent exchange on CiF between a commenter called “ColinJones2014” and an…

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