In the ongoing war for human consciousness that is the Guardian’s CiF, accusations of state-sponsored trolldom and of multiple identities operated by a single individual are the currency of debate. In fairness it must be said both sides indulge, though the majority of such accusations do stem predominantly from one side – viz those who like to claim that anyone expressing doubts about western/NATO policies must be in the pay of the Kremlin. And indeed this more than slightly paranoid POV seems to be shared by the Guardian moderators themselves.

Enjoy the delicious irony then, in the fact one of the few pieces of hard evidence showing just such multiple IDs in operation belongs to two accounts run by avidly, if not aggressively, pro-western identities.

Mark Nesop, of the wonderful Kremlin Stooge blog sent us some caps of a recent exchange on CiF between a commenter called “ColinJones2014” and an…

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