DPR: Out-of-control Ukrainian volunteer battalions deploy near disengagement line



The Azov battalion held an homage in Mariupol to their war dead, on the eve of Ukrainian local elections which were cancelled in the region for alleged irregularities in the printing of the ballots.

Novorossia News reports:

Some 2,000 fighters of the Azov, Dnipro and Lviv volunteer battalions, deployed near the disengagement line between Kiev-led forces and militias in Donbas, have gotten out of control of the Ukrainian military command, Eduard Basurin, spokesman for the Defenсe Ministry of the DPR, said at a briefing on October 28.

“According to our intelligence data, a grouping of the enemy consisting of the Azov, Dnipro and Lviv units has been revealed between the inhabited localities of Novgorodskoye and Troitskoye. The grouping, which completely got out of control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, has up to 2,000 people,” Basurin said.

He added that in violation of the Minsk Agreements, 50 items…

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Benghazi: Hillary Clinton and C.I.A. Crimes


by David Pear, originally published in OpEdNews, October 27, 2015

Hillary Clinton has been pilloried by her critics for not providing adequate security for the U.S. consulate in Benghazi that resulted in the deaths of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three C.I.A. agents on the night of September 11, 2012. Her real crime was the project of regime change in Libya that resulted in thousands of civilian deaths, the destruction of the country with over 5,800 bombing sorties and 309 cruise missiles fired, causing a once prosperous Libya to become a failed state that has resulted in misery for millions of Libyans.

Hillary Clinton is largely responsible for the planning of a similar regime change in Syria, using the same plot that was used in Libya. It has resulted in the destruction of Syria too, and the deaths of hundreds-of-thousands of people and turned millions of people into refugees. She should…

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