According to RT, ISIS, or someone calling themselves ISIS, are now claiming responsibility for the Paris attacks. Since it’s pretty much established by now that ISIS is both a NATO proxy army and corporate media-created bad guy, we’d be naive to think ISIS’ alleged change of strategy, from conventional war on the ground to old style terrorism is unconnected with Russia’s new presence in Syria. We’d be even more naive to think the terror attacks in Paris are unconnected with the Vienna talks currently underway, or with the Obama administration’s increasingly bellicose, if slightly incoherent, policy toward Assad.

No doubt there are factions in Washington, and probably fairly deep policy divisions between the lunatic war-crazies, such as Ashton Carter, and the less crazy realists, such as John Kerry, but current events suggest the war-crazies are re-seizing the initiative after the initial shock of Russian intervention. Ashton Carter is talking…

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