From Cubainformación, translated by Joshua Tartakovsky

prensalatinasiria0003-1 Journalist Miguel Fernández Martínez with soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army. So far, at least 80,000 soldiers were killed in fighting against Western-backed terrorists.

Arnaldo Pérez Guerra, Magazine Final Point (revista punto final):

Syria lives in an inferno, as the crisis will continue as long as there are countries that support and finance terrorism. The West is intent on destroying the Syrian government in order to create small weak states and finally to guarantee the security of Israel.

We are not only fighting against terrorist groups inside Syria, but also against terrorist groups that proceed from all parts of the world with the support of the most rich and most powerful countries.”

Turkey, that has close relations with the West, supplies arms, money and volunteers, to groups such as the Al Nusra Front and the Islamic State (IS). “The West perceives terrorism as…

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