Ukraine: Behind the Walls of Fire

Why did El Pais lie that “Communists and Nazis are alike” and “fight together” in Eastern Ukraine 

As NATO powers stock more weaponry, troops and bases to encircle Russia, and thus confirm that they absorbed the countries in Eastern Europe for the same reasons Hitler alliedwith them in the second world war – that is, to attack Russia – Western mainstream media (read, state&corporate-controlled media) had reached a new level of propaganda, embracing the Nazism in Ukraine and even urging western governments to follow the same totalitarian measures which the fascist government in Kyiv has been enforcing over the past year. (1)

One of the most revealing episodes of western propaganda against Donbass came with the news that eight Communists from Spain were arrested as political reprisals, because they fought against Kyiv’ lebensraum war waged against the population in east Ukraine.

images Government of Ukraine waging war against the population in the east of…

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