Ukraine: Behind the Walls of Fire

How the West turned Ukraine in their casus belli for war with Russia

When 50,000 people are slaughtered with impunity in a civil war, which officially does not exist in Ukraine (1), western “democracies” call this “a revolution of dignity”.

They feel “dignified” when a government they supported bombed children in their homes while they were doing their homework. A darling Nazi of theirs has even called it “the revolution of kindness”, which probably is so for them, since they believe that cruelty, bloodshed, burning people alive and terror are virtues. They did not get to torture children prior to killing them, like those they consider today “national heroes” did in their days of glory; probably this seems “kind” to them.

10947174_1010385882311518_989061068845352187_n This 6 year old girl was killed on June 8 in Slavyansk when the Ukrainian army bombed her home; one of the hundreds of children bombed in…

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