same old russophobia, sniggers & hand-wringing: media response to Turkish attacks is a dismal failure


Yesterday we wondered whether the non-lunatic parts of the western intelligentsia would be up to the task of resisting the new neocon push for war that obviously lies behind the Turkish shoot-down of the Russian SU-24. Signs continue to suggest the answer to that is “probably not.” In fact there’s every indication of an absolute lack of direction in the media outlets, suggesting they have not had their playbooks updated following this near-disaster and are having to improvise – a thing they are not trained to do.

In the current confusion some media comment is showing signs of dawning awareness of humanity’s peril, but it’s largely the panicked bewilderment of the cult-member who begins to realise there’s cyanide in the Kool-Aid. There’s little impression that anyone yet has marshalled the insight or intelligence to actually break step with the old official narrative which is currently marching us all toward the…

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