Analysing a picture

Antidote Zine

AntiNote: This article was written for The Barbarian Review, an anarchist publication in Athens very dear to us.

You certainly know Liberty leading the people. Marianne is holding a banner, tits out, and the revolted people of Paris, fully armed (a gun toting crowd), is following her, stepping on the barricade among dead bodies.

Now imagine a Panda rising from the haze – not tear gas, as no one is crying or coughing there – surrounded by ecocitizens from all over the world wearing T-shirts and holding banners reading approximative Gandhi quotations “We have to change, not the climate”. Everybody (i.e young hipsters) is “peacefully rioting”. A couple is even taking a selfie in the background.

The COP 21, a conference on climate change, is going to take place in December in Paris. Respectables NGOs and big industrial groups seriously talking about slowing down the end of the world…

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