VIDEO: The curious incident of the polonium in the nightclub…


via Russia Insider

This short, ever so slightly tongue-in-cheek, documentary interviews material witnesses and renowned experts to probe into some of the gaping holes left in the official “explanation” of Mr Litvinenko’s murder.

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The Crimea and the Tatars

Original: Colonel Cassad
Translated by Alexander Fedotov / Edited by @GBabeuf


A very entertaining interview with the head of the Bakhchisaray district of Crimea about the mood of the Crimean Tatars and the current problems of integration of the Crimean Tatar population in the new Russian reality.

The head of the Bakhchisaray district of Crimea about assistance from Tatarstan, patriotism and the problems of the Republic

The head of the Bakhchisaray district of Crimea, the chairman of the district council Refat Dedarov, who refuses to call himself an official, in a frank interview with Real’noe Vremya expressed the view of a group of Crimean Tatars neutral towards the Russian authorities. He admitted that “the people who were falsely accused, of course, it will take a while to win their trust,” but he noted that at the moment the Tatars have more rights and opportunities than ever before.

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Has the Obama-Appointed Head of Ukraine Been Ousted?


by Eric Zuesse

Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the banker whom, on 4 February 2014, U.S. President Barack Obama’s Assistant Secretary of State for European & Eurasian Affairs instructed the U.S. Ambassador would lead Ukraine after the planned coup was over (which occurred 18 days later), was apparently ousted from his post, on Thursday, January 14th, barely shy of his second anniversary as Ukraine’s Prime Minister.

The person who ousted him appears to have been the former CIA assett whom the U.S. administration allowed to run as a candidate in Ukraine’s Presidential election on 25 May 2014, and who had won that election — the billionaire Petro Poroshenko. Poroshenko had assisted in the coup and admitted it to the EU’s investigator who was sent in right after the overthrow. (The information that it had been a coup instead of an authentic revolution came as a shock to the EU’s Foreign Affairs Minister.)

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Friday book #2: Soviet Porcelain


The second book in my new Friday series is another catalogue, this one from an exhibition in Toronto about 20 years ago of porcelain produced in the early years of the Soviet Union and subsequently collected by Craig and Kay Tuber. As the catalogue explains, following the Bolshevik seizure of power, ‘the workers of the State Porcelain Factory in Petrograd redirected the purpose of aristocratic tableware from the embellishment of banquets to the promotion of urgent social concerns’. The result was a unique and quite striking form of propaganda.


On the whole, I’m not a great porcelain fan, but I do like early Soviet art, particularly the work of Suprematists like Kazimir Malevich. The first decade of Soviet rule witnessed an exciting revolution in artistic forms. Then, sadly, Joseph  Stalin and his crony Andrei Zhdanov brought it all to an end by insisting that artists conform to the third-rate standards…

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European Parliament Warned About Neo-Nazi’s in Ukraine Febuary 2014


Dr. Natalia Vitrenko, leader of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine and the Left Bloc anti-Fascist Opposition in the Ukraine , visited the European Parliament press conference in Strasbourg on February 26, 2014. Vitrenko’s made remarks and asked important question’s to  European Parliament President Martin Schulz and Czech Republic President Milos Zeman.

At the press conference, on the occasion of Zeman’s first speech to the European parliament, Vitrenko stated “I am Natalia Vitrenko, the leader of a Left opposition party in Ukraine. I am the leader of a party, which against  the Ukrainian Nazis have already begun witchhunts, for the purpose of physically eliminating me and the members of our party. Today in Ukraine, the offices of political parties are being burned on a mass scale, and employees in these offices are being killed.

The homes of politicians who are disapproved of are being set on fire. Elected deputies of…

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Taking Ukraine’s carrot


Ukraine, we are often told, has made a choice – to become a ‘European’ country, and in this way to decisively cut its historical ties to ‘non-European’ Russia. But what if Europe (in the form of the European Union (EU)) turns Ukraine away?

This has always been more likely than supporters of Ukraine’s post-Maidan government have been willing to admit. Ukraine’s situation is somewhat analogous to that of Turkey – even if the country were to fulfill all the demands that the EU makes of it, there is a very good chance that the Union would deny it membership anyway. The same applies to membership of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). ‘Europe’ is like a carrot dangling always out of the reach of a Ukrainian donkey.

donkey-and-carrot Ukraine & Europe

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