Ukraine: Behind the Walls of Fire

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“In April, the United States government sent about 300 paratroopers to Ukraine to train 900 “national guardsmen” composed in part of neo-nazis and forced conscripts in a mission called “Fearless Guardian.”

At that time, John Conyers, a founding member of the Congressional Black Caucus, introduced an amendment to ban any funding or aid to Ukraine’s government from getting into the hands of the neo-nazi Azov battalion.

It seems that along with a gigantic spending bill, Congress has now revoked this amendment under pressure from the Pentagon. Their argument is that there is already legislation, known as the Leahy law, banning the Azov battalion from receiving aid.

According to The Nation, the Leahy law cannot prevent the Azov battalion from getting US aid. In fact the law only covers groups which the “Secretary of State has credible information that such unit has committed a gross violation of human…

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One thought on “Congress Removes Ban on Funding Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion in Ukraine

  1. Would someone please tell me what right the US has to decide that nazis should return to Europe with funding from this warmongering state which constantly brags about it’s “exceptionalism”. Granted it excels in creating death and destruction, but I really wish it would confine it’s promotion of terrorism on it’s own civilians.(Some might argue it already does). Perhaps the US would welcome Saudi billionaires throwing money at the 50,000 Banderites living in the US to promote nazism over there in the States instead of over here in the EU. 20 million souls lost their lives fighting nazis who the f**k does the US think it is re-igniting that particularly nasty thinking?


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