2nd February Rivne Ukraine

Ukraine Patriots in Rivne north western Ukraine have blown up a memorial to Russian born fascist hero Alexander Muzychko aka Sashko Bilyi who was the leader of the pro-Bandera fascist paramilitary UNA-UNSO associated with the Greek Catholic Church in the Ukraine.

Local police have organised a special taskforce to investigate the action by with objections to Right Sector fascism in Rivne growing stronger by the day it could have been any number of thousands of locals.

Muzychko leader of ‘The Viking’ paramilitary unit of the UNA-UNSO particpated in war crimes in Chechnya under the al-Qaeda and Islamic State linked Imarat Kavkaz government in the 1990s. His links with the Islamic extremists led to hundreds of their fighters traveling to the Ukraine including setting up a base in Rivne to apply war taxes on local amber miners.

In 2015 StalinLivesTV exposed his links to current Imarat…

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