Right Sector Sets Up New Organisation in Estonia



In Estonia a branch of the Neo-Fascist organisation Right Sector has been set up under the title of Right Sector Estonian Legion (Parem Sektor Eest Leegion). It has recently begun operation spread lies about fictional crimes of the Soviet regime as well as publishing revionist accounts of the victories of the Soviet Army.

According to the online publication Vecherka, the emergence of the Right Sector has already managed to cause discontent among some members of the very large Russians community  in Estonia. Included the fact that the page is often used derogatory in relation to the Russian term tiblad in Estonia.

Ants Punning leader of the movement Right Sector East Legion is also a board member of the Neo-Fascist MTÜ Toeta Ukrainat that raises funds for Neo-FAscist and Neo-Nazi anti-ussian groups in the Ukraine. However Punning noted that these organizations are not linked, “The Right Sector East Legion n…

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