Ukraine: Behind the Walls of Fire

MemeCenter_1401936708401_92Inna Kukurudza was in the center of Lugansk, talking on the phone with her daughter, when she was bombed by an aircraft of the Kyiv government, June 2, 2014. The airstrike hit a public building, which came under the control of the anti-Kyiv population a month ago. It also hit a nearby park. 

This is the testimony of the daughter of Inna Kukurudza. Her mother was bombed in the city of Lugansk by a war plane of the Kyiv government, on June 2, 2014 – a month after the Odessa massacre. 8 passers-by in the mostly Russian speaking city were killed and 20 wounded in the bombing,which targeted a public building under the control of the anti-Kyiv population. This, among many others, was a crime against humanity committed by the government in Kyiv for which they must be prosecuted by the Hague tribunal, according to the Geneva conventions, even if such acts…

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