20 July 1974: a day of shame

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dayofshame20 July 2016 marks a dark anniversary, another day and another year of shame, in which the Turkish government maintains its illegal hold on the northern area of the Republic of Cyprus, through its illegal occupation with 43,000 troops. 

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Washington Is Politicizing The Olympics Again


by Paul Craig Roberts, July 17, 2016

Washington and its Canadian vassal are trying to use a Western media-created Russian athletic doping scandal to ban Russian participation in the Olympic games in Brazil. Washington and Canada are pressuring other countries to get on board with Washington’s vendetta against Russia. The vendetta is conducted under the cover of “protecting clean athletics.”

You can bet your life that Washington is not motivated by a respect for fairness in sports. Washington is busy at home destroying fairness to the poor, and Washington, which disregards the sovereignty of countries and international law against naked aggression, is busy abroad destroying millions of lives for hegemonic purposes.

We could conclude that Washington wants hegemony in sports just as it does in foreign affairs and wants Russian athletes out of the way so that Americans can win more medals. But this would be to miss the real…

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