There Must be Justice

In this small village, Begovo Brdo, the Ustasha killed in the most cruel manner 137 Serbian villagers, mostly children at the age of 15.

Some of the worst crimes during the WWII were committed on 3. April 1942, when Ustasha (armed forces of the Independent State of Croatia, Hitler’s ally , the sole nazi state that hes never been punished for their WW II crimes) were passing through this area.  The Croatian leader’s Ante Pavelic  battalion under the command of Antonije Mosk was in charge to ethnically cleaning the area.  Therefore, they massacred 121 men, women and children.  73 of them were slaughtered by Croats in the forest near the village, after being beaten and forced to dig pits, grave holes for their beloved ones and themselves.


On the same day Croats had captured Serbian peasants in their homes, in the fields and killed them both by firearms  and  knives, hammers and…

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