Written by @GBabeuf
Video by @PLnewstoday (Youtube channel Patrick Lancaster)

Zakharchenko interrupted OSCE’s Hug when the latter claimed Zakharchenko was responsible for implementing Minsk to tell him that his first responsibility was to defend the people of the DPR. Zakharchenko also point blank refused to remove any heavy or light weapons from the front line until Ukraine does so. Plotnitsky, meanwhile, had interrupted Hug to ask him if he had ever had to live his life under constant shelling. All in all, the two have clearly been told they can harden their line in relation both to OSCE & to Ukraine. There have been other signs of a hardening of positions too. In addition to Putin signing the decree on temporary recognition of official documents issued by the DPR and LPR authorities, there has also been the highly publicised appointment of a prominent Russian writer, Zakhar Prilepin, to a…

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