Sevastopol Is Not Ukraine

Preamble: March 16 was the third anniversary of the reunification of Crimea with Russia. As the Ukraine continues to claim jurisdiction over the territory, and claims that the population has been forced into accepting Russian rule, we thought it would be instructive to see what was written about the Hero City of Sevastopol in 2009, by Mustafa Nayyem, one of the main proponents of Euromaidan, and now a People’s Deputy in the Supreme Rada in Kiev.

Original: Ukrainska Pravda
Translated by @TamrikoT / Edited (and pictures) by @GBabeuf

This is a very beautiful city, proud and genuine. There is little affectation here. Moreover—there’s an openness, that converts one from rudeness and bluntness into an admiring, sincere person.

By the will of fate, of politicians, and of history, it is now a Ukrainian city.

And yet.

It’s a Ukrainian city, in which Ukrainians are called invaders.

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