Original: Komsomolskaya Pravda
Translated by Gleb Bazov

Motorola went to fight in the Donbass after hearing a Kievite say:
“For one of ours, we’ll kill ten Russians.”

By Aleksandr Kots

This callsign—Motorola—Arsen Pavlov chose himself long before the events in the Donbass. In Russia, he served three years as a combat signaller in the 77th Brigade of the Naval Infantry. That is where his nickname was born, and it remained with him when he continued his military career after the mandatory draft service and through two tours of duty in Chechnya. It is in Chechnya that he received his first combat experience, becoming addicted to war. There are those who, caught in the meat grinder of bloody battles, emerge from the experience with ground-up souls and a persistent aversion to guns. And then there are fanatics, who not only like to fight and are skilled at it, but also manage…

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