Original article by Nikolai Podgorny in
Translation by Alexander Fedotov

The former leader of the banned in Russia extremist nationalist movement Pravy Sektor (PS) [Right Sector in English – trans.] and a deputy of Verkhovna Rada Dmitry Yarosh surprised many by admitting that in April 2014 members of PS, on the direct orders of the leaders of Ukraine, took part in fighting at Slavyansk. It explains how his card was found at the scene. Those events actually triggered the military operations in the Donbass and also the information war of Ukraine against Russia. investigated what else Yarosh told and why he decided to do it right now.

Meme at the price of killing

Riots in Slavyansk began on 12 April 2014 when the militia took control of the buildings of the police department, city hall and security services. This news shocked Kiev, but the next day the gunmen of…

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