Original article Igor Rotar for
Translation by Alexander Fedotov

Confessions of an American mercenary about his service among the Ukrainian radicals


Part of the image has been blurred in order not to violate the laws of the Russian Federation
Photo: Sergey Kharchenko / NurPhoto / ZUMA /

“Dregs of society” – that is how the American volunteer characterises Ukrainian nationalists fighting in the Donbass. Minsk agreements require the disarmament of all illegal groups. “Praviy Sektor” [“Right sector” in English, abbreviated in Ukrainian as PS – trans.], a banned in Russia extremist organization, is not a part of the power structures of Ukraine but it continues to take part in fighting. The American told on how he tried to fight as a member of the group, about its losses, alcoholism and suicides among the nationalists on the contact line.

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