by Pedro Marin from New Cold


The following article was originally published by Revista Opera (Brazil) on October 10, 2015. Translation to English by New Cold

An historical video that was broadcast in Brazil some decades ago warned, “Lies can be told even when speaking truths.” Netflix’s new documentary film ‘Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom’ is a exquisite example. By ignoring fundamental details of Ukraine’s history and of the composition of the 2013-early 2014 political movement in Ukraine called ‘Maidan’ (or ‘Euromaidan’), the documentary’s half-truths pave the way to disconcerting lies. Here are some of those:

The Ukrainian people

Right at the documentary’s beginning, it is stated that “while the people of Ukraine were looking to the West, the leader [President Yanukovych] was looking to the East.”

The statement, at first innocent, ignores Ukraine’s history and the characteristics of its people. Ukraine is the result of…

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