by Heather Cottin

The US has come so far on its McKindarist-Brzezinski scheme of world domination, that we are now into the EuroAsian gambit for late imperialism on the “Grand Chessboard.” Anyone dares challenge us? We will attack!

The Russians know the game. Suddenly: there is a challenge that will have deep repercussions. Russia in Syria, helping Iraq; Hezbollah, Iran and China form a strong resistance, united in Syria, though China is not directly involved. With its 2.5 million army and its 2.3 million reserves, and lots of fancy new planes, China is a threat.

The US wants war, but in the arsenal of the anti-imperialists war is not the first move. Economic machinations can choke the imperialists and their proxy (poxy) states.

Russia’s cutting gas and oil off to Turkey will be hard on millions of non-fascist peaceful Turks. They will be cold this winter.

So this is the…

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