Sometime in the last two years a strange patern of behaviour has repeated and repeated and repeated in the mainstream media. It’s possible it has been going on longer than that, but the recent international entanglements have brought into the spotlight. It is a peculiar obsession: The re-arranging of the priorities of journalism, the need to preserve a story over presenting the facts. It is a practise that reeks of a growing sense of powerlessness.

The Guardian, our go-to source, our perfect little microcosm of the media and the people they claim to work for, provides clear examples.

The United Nations and Syria

Jonathan Jones’ latest bilious out-pouring is classic recipe. Hatred, dishonesty and emotive language. It is the man’s forte. The Guardian wheel him out to write objectionable pieces, militant in his moral superiority and able to lie with the ease with which most of us breathe…

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