The Fourth Revolutionary War

In light of the catastrophic outcome of the “western” war on Libya the Russian government declared to oppose any further such “regime change” in the Middle East. But the U.S. continues to train, arm and finance insurgents against the Syrian Arab Republic and, under the disguise of fighting the Islamic State, prepares to take down the Syrian government. Eliminating the Syrian government would likely create a radical jihadist state in Damascus and lead to massacres and mass refugee movements.


But Russia means what it says and will now use its military capabilities to confront the U.S. plans:

Elijah J. Magnier
#Russia is providing #Syria with precision military and destructive equipment. #Russia will start soon operating n #Syria sky to hit rebels+The participation of the #Russian Air Force in #Syria worries #Israel that won’;t be able to have a free sky to hit Syrian troops.+

This is THE major change…

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